Thursday, 1 August 2013

Beauty and epilepsy - not great bedfellows!

I have a ton of gorgeous photos, a Beauteco Box that came in the post today that I am dying to blog about but alas I had an attack of the seizures.

I also got a gorgeous nail varnish from Birchbox too - along with a beautiful little mirror and some amazing eyelash curlers.

I have managed to take the pics but as soon as I went to type up my blog entry for today - BOOM! Epilepsy struck! I have a nickname for my fits. When I have them I refer to having had a visit of Frank Fitzgerald, so if you hear me refer to him - you know where I am coming from!

Just going to settle down and have a good read of the blogs that I follow before I fall asleep (before 6pm given the medication I have had today!).

Tomorrow, I have my Beauteco Box reveiw, and my new Birchbox nail varnish test run too so lots going on.

Hope everyone is keeping well


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