Thursday, 8 August 2013

I am going to be in the dog house..

Last night I thought I would use some of my Birchbox points up and treat myself to something from the website.

All I can say is that after going there, I went to Amazon for a couple of bits. 

Then I went to E.L.F.

I finished up at NYX, 17 items later!

Boy did I feel guilty when I woke up this morning!

Just to add to the guilt, there was my Beauteco box when I came home from the weekly food shop this morning. I am going to have to be one good wife to make up for this one.

As I have to wait for all my goodies to arrive in the post, and my Beauteco box is here, I am going to review the contents later on tonight properly. I just had to get the guilt out of my system. 

The lesson has been learned. When I think "ohh, I will treat myself to that palette" it is going to turn out ugly!

Fi xoxox

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