Friday, 16 August 2013

August Haul

I have to be honest, most of this was bought yesterday but a few things weren't available on the Isle of Man so I have had to buy them all on the internet, but they have all come this month. 

As I have previously alluded to, when it comes to makeup I have as many clues as I do Olympic Gold Medals (tally of 0). I am just starting to get back into it, and boy is a way more daunting place than it used to be! 

I have been reading blogs, reviews and watching videos on YouTube. I wanted to get a feel for what was out there, and then find my own way from some recommendations. There are some fantastic beauty bloggers who I follow who have given so much detailed information in their reviews that they have given me the push to get a few items I might not have looked at previously. There are also things I have bought that I haven't seen reviewed but I have found suit my skin tone! I don't want to be a "collection clone" but with so many people giving such great advice, I am going to link back to their posts as they were absolutely brilliant. 

So, without further ado - here is where I am so far. This is just an overview of what I have got. Over the next week or so I am going to give my take on what I have got and swatch things against my skin tone and, if I have the guts, show the finished product (errr, that would be a before and after photo of me!) 

I know when I have been watching haul videos or reading haul posts that some people assume that anything other than actual makeup is boring. I actually have learned so much from some of these posts that I am going to include the "boring" stuff too, and will link to everything that I have got. The things I have got have been grouped together so that I hope it makes some semblance of order! Just one thing I would like to mention is that I *know* the photographs aren't the greatest for today. I am going to work on them but I need my husband's help due to the whole "I live in a wheelchair" thing so these are just some I managed to take on the bed by myself. It may not sound much, but it has given me a huge sense of accomplishment! 

First up - hair care.

The lovely Heidi over at wrote a great post about Dove haircare. I must have been past Dove shampoos and conditioners a hundred times and never given them a second thought as I had, for absolutely no rational reason whatsoever, thought they must smell the same as the hand soap which I absolutely detest the smell of. I was in Boots yesterday and it was on offer so I thought I would give it a go. My hair is damaged by radiotherapy so I bought the Pro-Age range which claims to "help repair the hair surface leaving it looking thick and full". You can betch I am up for trying that! My very fine frizz could do with a treat so I am looking forwards to trying this tonight that is for sure. 

The shampoo and conditioner can be found here and the conditioner can be found here as neither Boots or Superdrug appear to have them on their websites, but they are in their stores.

I also got some L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil (found here)  as much as I have tried, I just can't get Argan or Moroccan oil to work for me at all. It just leaves my hair feeling greasy. I have cheated a little on this one as though it isn't a repurchase, I have tried my daughters and it is fantastic for my hair. I had tried a couple of the Argan oils but they just aren't for me at all. 

Next up - some beauty bits and bobs..

Now the eyelash curlers are a bit of a cheat - I got them from Birchbox (here) when they had an offer on. They came as a freebie with any purchase. It had never even crossed my mind to purchase some (just as it has never, and never will, cross my mind to buy false eyelashes). Saying that, I wouldn't be without them now - they are fantastic. They don't hurt at all and I can get right down to the base of the eyelash without ending up with a kink in them, just leaving a lovely curl. 

The tweezers (found here) are another matter. I go through about a pair a month. This isn't due to any weird things I do with them, it is because they are always "just the thing" my husband needs for a job that usually involves soldering and flux paste. Once those old tweezers have been near that there is no way they are coming near my face, no matter how much he protests that they are clean. What he doesn't understand is that they have to be sharp too. I had this little trio out last night and given that they have the square, slant and point tip - they are fantastic. I was that pleased even my daughter got attacked with them too. I don't know about anyone else, but I find some tweezers hurt more than others. These are great, no pain at all. 

So, whilst we are on the "tools of the trade" I bought these from Amazon...

Yep, I caved in and bought the Real Techniques brushes. They can be found here and here and were a very good price from what I was able to find on the internet. I did have the absolute basic brushes from Avon which are superb, but I soon gathered I was going to need something a little more up to date than the 4 I had! 

One thing I did learn from my hours of YouTube watching was that there was no need for expensive brush cleaner - I have washed them with baby shampoo and they have come up brilliantly. If it is good enough for some of the professional ladies out there, it is good enough for me. It was quite a relief too as the price of brush cleaner nearly made me boke! 

So, all this out of the way - on to the actual makeup I bought. I think I will just go from the skin outwards so here we go. 

Concealers, primers and colour correctors! This is probably where I went a bit overboard. I have oily skin some days, and dry others so I have to cover all bases. Also this is when I found the Benefit counter too ^.^! I know a lot of these products will be so familiar to so many people, but I was so lucky to have a makeup artist help me with my colour selection. I have horrible red hyper pigmentation on my cheeks and really purple/blue dark circles under my eyes so with help, and after being introduced to the colour wheel, I am now sorted to cover it all up! Along with my enormous pores!  

From left to right:- benefit porefessional
 benefit boi-ing industrial strength concealer (in a scary shade, but it looks great on!)

I stopped there as I now have enough for oily, dry and combination days! As with all the makeup I got, I am going to do individual posts with swatches if applicable to see what I think of them, an to see if anyone else has any ideas as to other things that I might benefit from. 

Next up - foundations and a BB cream (that I stole back from my Mum for the photo - I have more on order)

I had a really good look round for these items, after reading lots of blog entries. 

Cosmopolitan's blend perfection sponge (yep - I am a cheapskate on occasion!)

I am thrilled with all of these as I have things covered for both skin days! 

Next up - the brows that need taming!

I was very tempted to get the benefit's one, but I think that can wait for another month or two! 

From the top..

Beauty UK's Hi-Brow Kit

I am genuinely looking forwards to seeing how the last one works out as I haven't seen it floating round the blogs at all. It wasn't the one I had set out to get (an Accessorize one) but they were sold out. This one has some wax and a good choice of colours (even though that is what I bought the MUA eye shadow for) so I am looking forwards to giving this one a test run. 

So, with the brows out of the way, I am guessing it is time for me to 'fess up to the eye shadow part of this haul. Here we go...

I am going to do swatches of all these in another post, so just for now, here are the links to what I got:-

theBalm's Nude'tude
Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Eternal Gold (05)
Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe (40)

It was the lovely Michelle over at that gave me the heads up with her fantastic review of the Maybelline Color Tattoos. I was completely won over! She didn't just say "woo, they are great" she actually gave some advice as to what you could do with them other than slather them on your lids. Her brilliant post is here

OK, so with our eye shadow out of the way, on to eye liners! 

I already had a couple of the traditional kohl liners so I thought I would branch out a little. First up the beast on the left which is Sleek's Kajal Liner. I am not going to lie, it looks as scary as hell but I am going to really give this one a go. Armed with my brushes I think I stand a fighting chance. The others are, from top to bottom:-

Maybelline's Eye Studio Master Precise Liner in Black (damn you and your 3 for 2 Superdrug!) 
Laura Geller's Inkwell in Purple (thank you Birchbox)

I think I have all the bases covered that I need to for now! 

OK, now we are getting somewhere. Next? Mascara! 

From top to bottom:-

Rimmel's new Scandaleyes in Black (and it is GORGEOUS!)

Anyone for blush?

I genuinely couldn't resist either of them. And the first of my Accessorize products too. I have tried to make sure that I have a "day" look and a "night" look with all the things that I have bought and can mix and match. These are the ones that I have gone for:-

MUA's blusher in Candyfloss

Like I said, this is just a haul post so swatches and my thoughts on all these things are to come over the next couple of weeks.

That is it for the blush, so on next to bronzers for contouring. Oh yeah, I know where I am at now with it all!!

Two here again - one for day and one for night.

NYX's Illuminator in Narcissistic and

Have to admit, preliminary investigations show these both to be rather fantastic. 

My haul is nearly at an end now (and if you are still with me, I am thoroughly impressed!). Only two more things to go. My penultimate purchases were face powders..

Rimmel's Stay Matte pressed powder. Just a side note on the Rimmel powder - I must have bought my first one when I was about 12. It still smells the same!!! That is in no way a complaint, it really is a blast from the past! 

With my face done, there is only one thing to finish my haul off. Lippy! Only one problem there though - I hate the stuff. I can just about manage a light gloss so these are the ones that I have (including 2 from Glossybox and 1 from Birchbox)

Yep - that is it! I am so embarrassed that I don't really want to even leave the links to it! Lest it be said, 2 Sleek pout paints from Glossybox (actually love these), 1 Laqa&Co Lil'lip from Birchbox (lovely formula, not the greatest colour for me) and a couple of MUA's sheer finish lip glosses. I have got a few bits on order lip wise so these will no doubt appear in a September haul post! The ELF products are end of line all over body things that you can use on your lips so I bought them to give them a try. One colour stick and one body shimmer. We shall see. 

So yes, that is my haul. Just when I thought it was all over, my gorgeous husband took me into TK Maxx and he went off looking for things. As I mentioned in my previous post, he wouldn't let me look at what he was getting. This is what he arrived at the check out with:-

Now I have absolutely no links to these, but they are a large storage box in chocolate brown with cream writing on to keep said haul, a lovely mirror with normal reflection on one side and 4 X magnification on the other. The little organizer on the right is in chocolate brown pleather and turns round on a little circle on the bottom for my brushes and pencils. I feel quite the spoiled lady, that is for sure! 

Anyway, if anyone sees any glaring omissions, or has any suggestions for me, I would really be thrilled to hear them. I take constructive criticism very well and don't bite!

Fi xoxox


  1. I like everyth bought, especially the NYX primer and the Balm Nude palette. Will have them one day!

    1. NYX primer is great, foundation not so much. I use it under Sleek's BB cream or Revlon's Colourstay 24 Hour foundation. I have an oily T zone and it just separates on my nose but my daughter loves it as she has beautiful skin and it is perfect for her (even though she keeps trying to steal my Revlon!)


  2. Thank you for the mention, I'm chuffed!!x

    1. Nope, it is me thanking you! They aren't something I would have normally picked up but as you actually showed what you can do with them rather than the "buy, swatch, finish" posts that I see a lot of I felt that they might work for my eyes and would you believe it? They do! I have bought another one since and now really want the pomegranate one too. I have used them as bases as well as on their own. I have hooded lids so normally would have run screaming from cream eyeshadow but it just goes to show what a good review can do!

      Now I have had my things for a while, I am going to start reviewing them from an "older skin" point of view (I am in my 30's). Most of my friends don't touch anything other than powder eyeshadows as creams do invariably crease, but not these! Your advice is spreading round the Isle of Man too as I have got some of my friends on to them as well.

      Now I have my glasses I can't wait to start getting down to actually showing how all these lovely things can be adapted for hooded or crepey lids, older skin etc. So a definite HUGE thank you as it was only your post (out of more than I would care to mention that I read) that actually made me think I could actually work with them.

      Fi xoxox

  3. Great post, I really like the loreal hair oil :) that "the balm" eyeshadow pallette looks so pretty aswell xx

    1. Hia Zoe. The L'Oreal hair oil really is perfect for me, I love it and am guessing the bottle will last for ages as I only need the absolute tiniest amount. I have always found the Argan/Moroccan oils too heavy (even in their *light* incarnations).

      theBalm's palette is fabulous. I can't compare it to the Urban Decay Naked palettes as I don't have any of them but it is perfect for my "nude" palette. Saying that, Sleek's i-Divine palette in "Au Natrel" is a serious contender pigmentation and formulation wise (as well as colour wise). They aren't dupes but they give just as many options for only £7.99 as opposed to the £30+ I paid for theBalm's pallete.

      I see tons of gorgeous products time and time again but I am trying to find my own way out here as I don't want to be a "collection clone".

      I am actually going to be doing some reviews of the things I bought (apart from the NYX pallette as my daughter pinched it from me!). That gave me the very non existent excuse I needed to buy the Sleek "Storm" iDivine though!

    2. Oh great! Thankyou. your so helpful, I'm.going to check these out online, neutrals on the eyes are my favourites, I have both the naked pallets so I probally don't need them I guess..hmm I duno haha !
      Yea that hair oil lasts ages, I have had mine since Jan and have only used half x

    3. My pleasure hun! Didn't get round to the photos today (I have epilepsy and it arrived with a bang) so am looking forwards to getting those other posts up very soon.

      Thank you so much for following me, I really appreciate it as I am very new to all this.