Friday, 16 August 2013

No pic pre-haul post..

I have had a rough few days with my epilepsy so my gorgeous husband took me to our local high street yesterday and let me go wild in Boots and Superdrug!

With my little list that I had been compiling over the past few days when I had been reading all the lovely blogs that I follow safely saved in my phone (and after the endless reading of decent dupes for certain things) off I went. 

Now, living where I do - the Isle of Man - our choices are limited, hence my total wish list, accompanied by my "dupes" alternatives.

First up? Boots! I have to admit, I hadn't been upstairs (where the makeup selection is) for about 5 years. Since breaking my back I had got out of the habit of wearing ANY makeup whatsoever. I hadn't been able to get there either as they have only recently (in the last 2 years) had a lift put in. The store had a huge refit and in went an escalator, lift etc. 

Needless to say - it has changed! Beyond recognition! A lot of the girls were busy but the gorgeous Mary from the Lancome section was on hand to help me. 

Being in a wheelchair I can safely report back that there isn't much you can see. At all. She asked me what I was looking for and I handed over my phone. She asked what I had got already (a few bits from theBalm, NYX, E.L.F and NYC - all this in my mega haul posts later today and more this week when I can get the camera out. I am writing this at 4.30 am so I didn't think my husband would be too pleased if I got the camera out just now!) and seemed impressed that I had got my head round the basics. 

So, after stops at Revlon, No 7 and Rimmel she took me over to a stand that I couldn't see from where we had been. We have a Benefit stand!! 

Just to put this into context - it would be the equivalent of a Sephora suddenly popping up in every high street in the UK. Yes, we are seriously that far behind the times. 

I did reign it in at the Benefit stand but treated myself to the two things I was trying to get my dupes for. 

She also let me into a secret. Well, not so much a secret but I am the only person who has asked about this brand and they are coming to my local Boots in October. Smashbox is making it's d├ębut ! They are actually coming over the week before my first wedding anniversary, and she is going to be running it. 

Normally, as with any other Boots you can't book a makeover, but she has booked me in for one on the morning of my wedding anniversary (I saw it in her diary) so I am ridiculously excited for that. 

Next stop - Superdrug. I knew Maybelline was on offer there, so I got 3 for 2, some Accessorize and a couple of MUA things, a gorgeous little brow kit from B and some bits and bobs (including a new set of tweezers as my last ones ended up being used by my husband for soldering something). Anyone else have this problem?! 

Then, my better half who usually couldn't tell you if .I am wearing makeup or not took me to TK Maxx. I have a confession. I absolutely hate TK Maxx with a passion for clothes but he took me upstairs as they have some home wear items. 

(I have just realized how bad this sounds that my husband has to take me everywhere. I am perfectly capable of getting myself round in my wheelchair, but I have uncontrolled epilepsy so that is why I can't be left alone. Ever. No, not even the loo!) 

He had looked at my viewing history on YouTube and I had been watching the storage videos. Not the ones with people who have lots of make up, but ones for those with just enough for a few looks. 

I wasn't allowed down the aisles that he went down, I had to stay at the end. He came back proudly brandishing the most beautiful flip top box in a chocolate brown with cream writing on it (it goes with our bedroom), a beautiful little brown pleather twirling thing for my brushes and a little stand alone vanity mirror that flips over to  4 X magnification. 

To say I was stunned would have been an understatement! They are perfect for the amount of stuff I have, and perfect for what I wanted.

I have been reading, lurking and watching SO many videos to get an idea of what I wanted and I am now finally there. To do one huge haul post would be ridiculous, but I am going to split it up by brand, and then my gorgeous little F Features (my daughter) has agreed to be my guinea pig and is going to let me do a makeover on her.

I must admit to having information overload so I decided that I was going to take the basics that really did perform across the board, and find my own way from there. I have swatched, taken advice from professionals and have what I hope is a great little "kit" that will see me through the seasons for now. 

I knew if I bought the Urban Decay palette it would only be because everyone else had it which is why I bought theBalm one instead as I had received a sample of their blush in a Birchbox, which had given me actual access to the quality of the products in person so I wasn't buying blindly over the internet. 

So, over the coming days there will be daily posts with my new things, from the "tools of the trade" down to the foundations, concealers, primers, bushers and bronzers. 

Genuinely, I would really appreciate ANY help I can get. If anyone has any ideas as to what might help something I have work better, or something that I have completely missed then I would be incredibly grateful for their help. 

Makeup hasn't been a regular appearance on my radar for ohh, about 15 years now so I really do need all the help I have got. I have also made myself a promise not to get thing just because everyone else has them. I am going to get what suits me, and nothing else. I don't want tons of the stuff lying round that will never be used at all (although I am going to have to repurchase something already - I made the mistake of showing my incredibly glamorous 71 year old Mum my Sleek BB cream and that was it - GONE!). She may be 71 but would pass for late 50's, early 60's. Unfortunately, I do believe I haven't got the "I don't look my age" gene! She seriously is one stylish lady. 

So, when the sun comes up - the camera is coming out and I am really hoping that you guys could help me out with some feedback as to things I might need, or things that I have wasted my money on. As is my mission statement in my little corner of the net - I am just starting out again and it has changed so much since the last time I was here!

Pic heavy posts to come, but I always resize on the computer before uploading onto PhotoBucket (Flickr and I just don't seem to get along too well), in case anyone is worried about data usage etc. 

So, with that, a haul post to come later today - I am thinking I have enough for a week, then I will be trying out the stuff I have bought, and who knows - maybe even a YouTube video. 

Fi xoxox

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