Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mini internet haul...

I know I over did it slightly last week, but I had ordered a few things via the internet that weren't available where I live (the Isle of Man) and they all arrived in the post this morning. 

My Glossybox came too. It is a bit late as my daughter's came last week, but I have a feeling it had slipped down the back of somewhere in the sorting office as the outer box was a total mess. Fortunately, the inner box was absolutely pristine. 

Sleek also had a sale on which was quite dangerous! I did get a few bits for my daughter too so this is just my portion of the box, I didn't think it fair to put hers in too.

I am going to keep this blog entry short as I have got so much stuff that I would like to do blog entries on and ask for people's opinions that this is just going to be a quick "show and tell".

First up - what arrived today! 

Everything but the box that it is all resting on (that was bought last week by my ever suffering better half to keep my newly acquired things in).

On to the good stuff. The Real Techniques brushes that were out of stock in the ONLY Superdrug we have over here..

On the top (as if anyone needed telling!) the powder brush and below the stippling brush. I have to be honest, I don't have the money for Sigma or Mac brushes and have watched so many YouTube reviews and tutorials that I actually consider these an investment for me. I already got the starter kit and the core collection kit so apart from a couple more, I think I have enough to be going along with for now. I would love a few more but the Avon brushes that I have had forever do still do the job as I like to think that I take care of them. At least I know what I will be asking for come my birthday and Christmas. 

I would love Wayne Goss' new collection but I think they are a tad out of my price range, and in all fairness, my ability too. That isn't to say I won't be salivating over them when they come out next month! 

The Real Techniques brushes were bought from love-makeup.co.uk here and here

You can register interest in Wayne Goss' new brushes on the same website here (I believe they will be exclusive to this site for now) and they are out next month. I haven't seen a price point on them yet, but given that they are cruelty free animal hair and hand made in Japan, we can safely say they will be out of my price range! I just like looking at them though! 

Next up, my belated (through no fault of their own) August Glossybox. I am going to gloss over this one (pun completely intended) as it has been shown a million times already. 

This month's them is High Flyers. So, from left to right, my Oceane makeup remover pen (not available in the UK currently), Jelly Pong Pong's 2 in 1 Eyeliner and Shadow (available from their website), Olay's Regenerist wrinkle relaxing complex (available in most high street/drugstore places), TRESemme's Platinum Strength 60 Second Treatment Shot (Superdrug, Boots, Tesco and Waitrose currently) and finally Emite Make Up's eyelash curlers (from Sweden) with 3 extra rubber pads. These retail at approximately £20 in their online shop.

All in all, I was rather pleased with this month's box, it seems a great balance of new things to try out and great items to add to my growing arsenal of tools. 

Lastly, and I am not going to fib, my favourite box that arrived today. My mini Sleek haul. They had/have a sale on that started last Friday so I took full advantage and treated myself to a few things that I had been looking at for a while. It would have been rude not to! 

As I didn't want to do too many pics as I want to go through these more in depth (they aren't going to be reviews - I am in no position to do them), but I want to do blog entries as to how I feel about them, and what I am going to get from my recent purchases. 

Let's start at the top left, the i-Divine ultra mattes (v2) Darks palette (here). I have got theBalm's Nude'tude and wanted something a with a few more matte shades and this fit the bill perfectly. Next up, keeping on the top row, the face contour kit in light (here). I think it will be a great thing for me to actually get my head round contouring properly and am really looking forwards to using it. 

Moving to the lip products in the lower left hand side of the picture. Pout Paint in Minx (here). I was introduced to Sleek's Pout Paints in July's Glossybox and am thrilled with the two I got, so thought another in more of a "me" colour wouldn't go amiss at all. 

Beneath that is Gloss Me in Fools Gold (here). Gorgeous colour, typical doe foot applicator. Really can't wait to swatch and road test this one. 

The two pencils beneath are lip pencils - top one is 188 Bare Essential and the bottom one is 645 Ruby. I know they are of differing lengths but I am not complaining as they are sale items and were sealed. 

Last two items. A blush and a lipstick. The blush was something I have been trying to get from my local Superdrug for a while but it is always sold out and just the sad and lonely tester is there. It is their (starting to become hard to come by) blush in Rose Gold (here). I have very grey and sallow skin due to my combination drug therapy and it really is just the perfect colour to perk my cheeks up.

Last, and by no means least, their true colour lipstick in 755 Liqueur. Gorgeous colour that I can't wait to swatch, but as with all the other things, I have restrained myself! 

I think I have got plenty to be going on by now, and am looking forwards to getting swatching away, and getting some better light to swatch in! 

Like I said, I am in no position to review, but I will be posting my thoughts of my new purchases (which I actually read up on before I bought them), and hopefully getting some help and feedback off everyone that cares to swing by my little blog. 

Many thanks for stopping by

Fi xoxox


  1. Loving those Real Techniques brushes Fi!!! But my absolute dream brushes are Sigma Mr. Bunny Travel set! I want them soooo bad!!!

    TheInsideOutBeauty.com | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Sigma is completely out of my price range, but wow do they look great! I think I might drop anvil sized hints for Christmas ;)


  2. Love everything you bought. Im about to order my first RT brushes from iherb.com. Cant wait.

    1. They are absolutely brilliant. They wash SO well without any shedding which is a complete bonus. I am nowhere near ready for Sigma or MAC brushes and these are just perfect. I want to get the kabuki brush that splits into two at some time too (along with the Wayne Goss ones, but I am guessing his are going to be very expensive and I would be too terrified to use them!

      The one brush I DO want is a push liner brush as I have hooded lids, and it would be great for putting liner just along the eyelash line. I am using my slanted one from RT for now and it is working fine.

      Got another little delivery today - NYX had a bit of a sale on so 2 lipsticks and a lip pencil arrived!


  3. Oh no, I didn't know Sleek had a sale on. I've had my eye on the face form (contour kit with a blush) for ages but they never have it in stock at my local stores... and we all know it's virtually impossible to just buy one thing when shopping online!

    RT brushes are great. I prefer them to my MAC face brushes. Can't comment on the RT eye brushes though.

    By the way, this isn't what I consider a mini haul! ;-)

    Natasha (LoveandLabcoats on YouTube) x

    1. Hi Natasha!

      The Sleek sale was a 1 day thing and didn't start until 9am, so I am guessing the fewest people possible could take advantage of it at it was the full range that was 10% off.

      I have to buy most of my makeup over the internet as I live on the Isle of Man and we have no department stores and only a very tiny Boots and Superdrug. To put it into context, we are getting a tiny Smashbox counter in Boots in October and it is cause for national celebration!

      The RT brushes are fab as you said, but (and please don't laugh!) there is 1 of the eye brushes that totally baffles me. NO idea what it is for. It just sits there in my "swirly thing" looking nice.

      I got my darling F Features (insert rude word beginning with F and you have my nickname for my daughter) the i Divine au Natrel palette which is a complete dupe for her favourite colours from the UD Naked and Naked 2 palettes so she was thrilled with that (she is 17 I hasten to add).

      It was a mini haul, it came in little boxes. Infallible logic on my behalf here ;)