Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Review of July's 2013's Glossybox by a newbie to sample boxes!

Well, yesterday was my inaugural review of my inaugural Birchbox - today is my inaugural review of my inaugural Glossybox! If any of you haven't read my earlier posts (and I don't blame you if you haven't as this blog is as new as Prince George), I have decided not only to jump into #bblogging but doing so with the help of 3 monthly subscription boxes. Birchbox, Glossybox and Beauteco Box.

Most of this has come about by my 17 year old daughter (I am in my 30's - I started my family early) betting me that I couldn't get my act together beauty wise by the time I am 40. The clock is ticking so I am going ALL OUT to look a bit better!

Back to the job in hand - July 2013's Glossybox. When I ordered it, it stated on the website that it was a "special box" and you can see from the box - gorgeous! I almost didn't want to open it as it looked so pretty. A dark aqua with coral as the camera doesn't do it justice at all. Anyway, obviously I was going to open it and was met with this ........ (just wish I had changed my nail varnish to match, not clash! 

So, seaside splash is the theme of my first Glossybox. Inside was a what I am holding in my hand, not quite the magazine that comes with Birchbox, but a really informative pamphlet on the products inside the box with a bit of information from the team. Something I wasn't expecting was a rather nice code to use to save money on an online shoe store. I like shoes so it is probably best that I stay away from it! So, enough pratting round - let's get into the box.

N'aww - pretty! Almost (only just almost) too pretty to open!! But of course I did! And this is what I was met with. 

Well - I certainly wasn't expecting this amount of items in the box that is for sure. I couldn't wait to dive in, so come and join me

A pack of Essie sleek sticks! Now, you will have to bear with me but where I live, you can't even walk into a shop and buy ANY Essie products. To have them delivered to my door was rather exciting to say the least! They really are beautiful. I had to take the picture with the flash on to do them justice as the design is so subtle, but gorgeous. To prove a point, I took another...

I was absolutely blown away by their subtle patterns. Obviously I can't review each product I get in one post, but these are definitely first on my list to review properly in their very own post. I can't wait to get these on my nails that is for sure. If they can pass the wheelchair test, I will be more than impressed. 

The colour I got them in is called "a to zebra" - nice play on words! These are going to be put on very soon (as in when I have finished this post, even though I got them yesterday). 

Now this was a very welcome addition to my Glossybox. As we all know, it has been unnaturally hot as Hades in the UK recently, and given I have POF too, anything that brings relief from the heat was going to be a winner in my book. This facial spritz is gorgeous. I have mentioned that I have epilepsy and this does contain lavender (epilepsy and lavender are not usual bedfellows, but it is generally OK as long as it isn't the essential oil). It has such a fresh smell, lavender, rose, witch hazel and peppermint. No, I haven't been blessed with impressive smelling capabilities, I read the back! 

It is incredibly refreshing. Just close your eyes, spray and you are done. I would recommend doing it at arm's length otherwise you might end up a little shinier than you expected, but it is superb. I love it and I am buying more. 

Next up was Coola mineral sunscreen moisturiser SPF20. It smells fantastic but the next information I am giving you is second hand as it is coming from my 71 year old Mum. I had to give it to her as SPF20 is too low for me. I never go lower than 30, even in the winter due to my Gaelic complexion. My Mum has gorgeous dark hair and darker skin so I gave it to her for a test run. She won't even pop out to the shops without her Chanel Number 5 on so it had a hard task in her hands. My Mum is semi retired and spends a small fortune on cosmetics so she would be the ideal person to try this on. Let us just say, it passed with flying colours. With the weather we have been having recently has found her usual moisturiser too heavy so this came as a very very light relief for her. She even went without primer using it with a light foundation on the top and was thrilled with the result - so a huge 9/10 from Mum for this one. It lost a point for only being a small tube ;) 

Ok, on to our "Boho Waves". Now I would like you to picture a woman with freckles, red hair and white skin. The thought of tousled blonde hair is about as far away from what I have been given to work with as it humanly possible. THIS is the other product that I am going to test run along with my Essie sleek sticks. I am not dying my hair obviously, but I reckon it is going to have to be straightened into submission, then the wand is coming out for the ends and I shall post up the results. Laughter is absolutely welcomed as on a good day I look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards, so I can't wait to see what I look like on a good day! The only thing I would have appreciated on the product would have been a "use by" date. I know it is picky, but I like to make sure that anything I use is in date.

Ok, I have to be honest, I was a little befuddled when this came out of the box. White (well, Cloud 9) pout paint? I have to be honest, I did pass on this and went on to the next one....

A gorgeous pout paint in Rosette. The colour is what I would definitely wear so I thought of course I would give it a try on the back of my hand. The instructions are "apply the tiniest drop of pout paint onto your lip brush for complete coverage. Can be used alone or mixed with other shades within the range". So THAT is where the white one comes in. With the lack of a lip brush  - my husband was asleep and I didn't want to wake him up - I put the tiniest amount on the back of my hand. WOAH! I think we can safely say that a little goes an awfully long way!

I am not a huge fan of lipsticks as I don't like the tacky feeling on my lips and the back of my hand was literally slathered with the tiniest dot of pout paint and it absolutely covered it! When I had finally got to grips with what was going on, it works fantastically as a lip stain. If you can cope with the fact that even with the tiniest drop you are going to waste a tiny amount it is perfect. I even did my own version of ombre lips (I know, so last year) mixing the colours at 4am this morning.

As both of the colours came in 8ml tubes they are going to last a very long time, and are the same size as the ones sold in their shop for £4.99 so I am utterly thrilled. The amount of pigment those little tubes pack is absolutely amazing, that is for sure!

One thing I would have appreciated would have been a "use by" date, along with the Boho Waves.

My verdict on my first Glossybox? 10/10. I know I have no others to compare it to, but with a bit of imagination and no preconceived ideas, I am one very happy customer.



  1. Wow! Birchbox, Glossybox and Beauteco reviews! This is awesome! I'm gonna be stopping by regularly. Btw, I just followed you on twitter. Hope you can follow me back @TheioBeauty and be sure to tweet me your new posts, I will RT :) xx

    Heidi from

  2. Umm, you were about the 3rd person I followed as I found your entry on your wedding dresses (I was wondering what was in fashion for this Fall as it is coming up to my wedding anniversary) so I am already doing so!

    Yep - I decided to treat myself as I live on the Isle of Man and we don't have access to a lot of the brands that I would like to get to know more about, so it seemed the best way of finding new things without having to commit to buying the full size item!

    Thank you so much for saying you will RT them for me - I will let you know when new ones are up as I believe that my Beauteco box is on it's way. The reason they are all so late is that I made a snap decision to get myself looking a lot more presentable and get out there and make some friends who could help me, but did it in the last week of July!

    Fi xoxox