Saturday, 27 July 2013

Urgh, today is the day...

That I am going to bare my face to the world via the medium of YouTube. If I am going to do this, I am going to get it out of the way. I have been procrastinating, and procrastinating a little longer.

F wants to get her Birchbox "unboxing" blog done so I am going to start our channel off with my current daily face routine, post shower. Me slathering moisturiser onto my legs probably violates terms and conditions so you won't have to see that! Just the face to start with.

I know I showed a quick snapshot of what I use daily but will go into a little more info now.

First up - Pond's Cold Cream and this one specifically. It is so cheap compared to what I can get locally and worth the wait from the US. A good slather of this over the face and then gentle removal with cotton wool pads. I use the large square ones and generally don't tend to skimp on buying them as the cheaper ones just drag over my 39 year old skin like sandpaper. 

Then I go onto French rose water for a toner - again Amazon is my friend and I use this one. A little goes an awfully long way and it isn't astringent in any way. My skin is very sensitive and can't cope with anything with alcohol in it either. It does take a minute or so to dry but is more than worth it for me.

Then, it is on to my trusty (for now) Avon 40+ day cream. I use this morning and night as mentioned in my last post as the night cream is too heavy for my skin. I ordered my Vitamin K Swanson cream yesterday and it has already been dispatched which I am really pleased about. The spider and thread veins that I have been going on about are going to be unveiled today. If I drank I would have a large vodka before doing the video but I am teetotal.

Once a week, I do give my skin a treat. I was given this little recipe by my beautician as I can't afford a really good facial every month. I asked her what I could do to keep my skin looking as good as I possibly could in between my 3 monthly appointments and she actually uses this one herself.

What she told me to try (bearing in mind, she knows my skin and I am only imparting what she said - she is the professional and I am just old with dry skin!) is the following.

Go to the chemist and buy a small pill pot, the little green ones with a screw lid. You need something small and watertight. Then, you will need some glycerine - I use this one, and finally your French rose water. Mix a teaspoon of glycerine and rosewater in the small pot (the teaspoon of glycerine was NOT as easy as I had anticipated!) and then shake for all you are worth. Oil and water generally don't want to be best friends but you can get them to mix.

The, pop it on your face for about 10 minutes. As the glycerine is a humectant, it is not advisable to put it near your eyes but it is fine for the rest. I was bit weary of doing this one given my reaction to just plain old Nivea (HUGE breakout of spots), but it worked a treat. So once a week my poor husband has to spend the night with some crazy woman who has her hair scraped back into a pony tail and has a tacky face. Fortunately it is worth it in the morning as my skin feels amazing. 


Pond's Cold Cream (US version)

French rose water

Current face cream
 (just a quick disclaimer - this is what works for me and I am in no way qualified to give advice, I am just showing what I use and hopefully getting some ideas back from people with similar skin to me)

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