Friday, 26 July 2013

Avon calling!

Oh yes, it is my (old) favourite day of the month - Avon day. My little order arrived with Brochure 13. Now, I use Avon for all our family day to day toiletries. Shower gels, shampoo, shaving foam, hand soap and bubble bath for our family of 6. I do occasionally get the odd perfume or face cream if it is on offer and as I got married last year, I bought all my makeup for the big day from there as I didn't have a clue where else to get it and I was doing my own makeup for the big day as I don't really like anyone else touching my face.

This month's brochure is looking rather promising to say the least - I know I will be getting a few bits and bobs to try out from it. I am also going to let you in on some of my biggest mistakes from there too, but given the price I can't really complain.

First up, the tagline this month is "Try Something New" , and the cover is inviting us to try the new Moroccan Argan Oil Lightweigh Gloss Spray. So great that it must be sold out or not available online as I can't link to it as it isn't on the website.

I have curly/frizzy hair and have tried a couple of the Argan products before, so I think I will give the gloss spray a miss as I have found that they weigh my hair down too much and make it feel awfully greasy within a couple of hours. I think I will stick with my normal Avon shine spray as it is light, doesn't weigh my hair down and make it look greasy. Bonus that it is on offer this month!

The next thing that really does draw my attention is their new Opal Top Coat - again not on the website. To quote the brochure - "Seal your nail colour with a subtle shimmer with this easy to apply top coat. Creates a colourful contrast on darker shades. That is £2.50 for 12ml and will normally be £6. I am definitely going to give that one a try. I seem to have a love/hate relationship with Avon nail varnishes, especially the nailwear pro + ones. Some of the colours go on great, the others are just rubbish. This brochure's colours are real gemstone colours so they do seem to be going for the darker ones to showcase the new topcoat.

I am not a huge makeup fan, in fact this is what most of this blog is about - my daughter trying to persuade me to use it a little more often! I have to be honest - I genuinely can't tell one mascara from another apart from the colour, and I only ever use a little black kohl eyeliner if I ever use it. Not tons of it round both lids, just a little on the bottom. Having a flick through the makeup section, there are a couple of things that I am tempted to try because of the great price (and I don't have anything to lose whatsoever apart from a few quid).

One thing I do like and need to replace is their illuminating face pearls which I pop on with a large all over face brush. It just adds a little sparkle to my T zone if I am going out. When you have as many freckles as I do, nothing short of theatrical makeup will cover them, so I just chose to wear 'em, loud and proud.

There are some fantastic foundations and primers this month and it is great to see that in the past few months that Avon has finally started producing their foundations and powders in the full spectrum of skin colours. I haven't found one that suits me yet, but I will keep trying. I seem to be stuck in a limbo (Avon wise) where their normal range is too young for my skin, but their Anew range for older skin looks dreadful on me, very thick and heavy looking.

There is a new product in this brochure (13) that has caught my eye and you guessed it, not online again, but it is called Luminous Finish Face Illuminator (product # 05272) that looks great - an all over highlighter that I am tempted to give a try at £5. I am finding this quite frustrating, a lovely new catologue that I can't link up to! This one I am definitely going to report back on when I have got the order.

The face cream that I am currently using is the Anew Reversalist 40+ day cream as it is the only one that doesn't clog my pores or cause an outbreak of spots. I don't use the night cream as it is too heavy but due to the price can only get it when it is on offer. It has got a few pound off this month but not enough for me to stock up.

I am desperately looking for a new face cream as the one I use is a bit hit and miss as to if I can afford it. I am genuinely thinking of getting one of the cheaper Solutions range.

Nivea (of all kinds) is too heavy for my skin even though it is dry. I just can't seem to get the balance right and would really appreciate some help if anyone has any suggestions. I know I sound tight fisted but I would be more than happy to pay decent money for a decent product.

This month's brochure has gone very heavy on the bronzing, colour trend, nail varnishes and Anew Genics range so far. I tried one of the Anew Genics products, the expression lines treatment cream and as soon as I put it on I had to literally scrub it off. I had a terrible reaction to it as my skin is that sensitive but my 71 year old Mum loves it and she really does look great with it. It has done wonders for her but just isn't for me. It has put me off trying any of the other products in that range for sure, but I know people who swear by them.

They have also gone crazy for nail varnish and nail art too this month. I struggle to keep my nails looking clean and tidy, let alone painted. I use a wheelchair and am always banging my nails off something or other. I had thought about getting Shellac nails done but I really don't think I can warrant £24 every 2 weeks when the rest of my body needs such an MOT and my hands get such a daily battering.

Another of my problems on my face is that I have thread veins and spider veins on my cheeks caused by previous bad maintenance on my behalf and radiotherapy. I have been trying for ages to find a decent vitamin K cream but really can't find anywhere on the net that has been able to advise me as to which to try (that cost under £100!) so I have decided to plump for Swanson Vitamin K cream. I think the only way to see if it works is to take a picture every day and shove them all into a YouTube video to see how I go. Going to take at least a month by the time I get it so this is a long term project. It doesn't seem a bad buy for £5.65 and it still cheaper than the Solutions range in Avon. An added bonus is that it is paraben free too which I look for when I am trying something new out.

My gorgeous daughter F is going to go crazy when she gets home from work and sees the brochure as her favourite range, Planet Spa has got a great range in this month and it really is her favourite. She is so lucky as she is able to use pretty much anything on her skin and this range suits her skin type so well. Unfortunately, not so much for me.

There is the usual range of watches, jewellery, pretty undies and pyjamas this month too. It hasn't been my favourite brochure but in fairness, that is what I love about Avon. Some months there will only be a couple of things that catch my eye, other months I could spend a small fortune.

I will always go back to Avon for my basics, but I am determined to branch out from it. There are some items I need that they just don't do (vitamin K cream for instance). I am deadly serious about getting this body and face into shape before the big 40 so with the help of my daughter, some Avon bits and the world now finally opening up to me with my sample boxes, I may finally get my routine sorted!

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