Thursday, 25 July 2013

A beauty find by D all on my own... Red Fox's Bottle o'Butter.

Both my gorgeous daughter F and myself have keratosis pilaris . With me, it has mellowed with age but F's is really bad at the moment (she is 17). To cap it all, we are mixed race which doesn't help either when looking for a good moisurizer.

I have been using E45 for years and I still have it but I am sure it is age that has made it soften. F has had all sorts of things off the GP for hers - none of which have worked.

As I don't want this just to be a "Ooh, what is in my Birchbox and Glossybox" type blog
, both myself and my daughter will be looking at and looking for alternative stuff for us to use for varying things that affect both of us.

F has great skin but with tons of freckles. Although we are mixed race, there is more white in our skin tone, both of us having freckles. She has excessively curly dark blonde hair and I used to have the same but in red until I had radiotherapy 4 years ago. Now I have very thin dark red hair. Unfortunately for me, the long wanted poker straight hair still eludes me, it is a mass of frizz. My great, great grandmother's DNA shows itself in our body shapes and in a couple of medical ways.

Anyway - onto my personal beauty find! Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING keeps my skin hydrated all day. I am on combination drug therapy and it wreaks havoc with my skin. I had been looking everywhere and trying all sorts to get that "24 hour" moisturizer.

I had been reading a beauty blog (should have bookmarked it instead of scribbling down the name of the produce) and wish I could link it up for you as it really is a great blog (and this is my first one). The lady writing the blog had keratosis pilaris and swore by Red Fox's Bottle 'o butter. I shuffled off to Amazon to buy some and it arrived last week.

First up, it came really quickly. In a plain old cardboard box. The packaging of the product had me in stitches. I paid £3.49 for 473ml (16 fl oz) and I think it shows that the money goes into the product, not the packaging. It is a bright yellow "bottle" with red and dark brown writing on it. I will take a picture when my husband gets up and post it up but if I start taking pics of moisturizer bottles and popping them on a blog he will think I am more insane than he already does. 

(Here is said picture - done after the weekly shop, the washing. You get the picture (no pun intended))

Onto the actual contents. First up, if you are a vegan then this isn't the product for you as it contains lanolin. Other than that, it is just the usual suspect with a couple of extras.

It smells absolutely gorgeous, very much like the Body Shop's "cocoa butter body butter" which is on sale at the moment on their website at £6.00 (down from £13 which is why I stopped using it years ago). I need to do my beauty on a budget and being a Mum of 4 (we have 3 boys along with my gorgeous F).

One thing that really surprised me is that if you are looking at something to throw on your skin and just 2 minutes later be ready to get dressed and go - this isn't going to work for you. If you want that 24 hour moisturisation you are damn well going to have to work with it with this stuff! It has to be really worked into the body and after a bit of trial and error, straight out of the shower is the best time for me. Normally my skin will suck up anything vaguely moisturising really quickly but not with this.

I genuinely felt a bit deflated after spending a good 10 minutes on moisturising myself but after about 6 hours it felt just the same as it did after I had done it. There is no "tackiness" to it at all either. 12 hours later, just the same. By the time I went for my shower the next day I am sure my skin was just as hydrated as it was after I had put my first lot on the day before. Needless to say - I have bought more, much much more!

I get quite ashy skin and this totally got rid of it. I am completely surprised and thrilled. If anyone else has used it, I would love to hear about what you think. I will update this post with pictures when the other half wakes up too.

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