Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Birchbox has arrived (well, 2 of them, one for me and one for my daughter)

Well, welcome to our blog. I am D and my daughter is F. We decided after watching all the numerous YouTube videos about Birchbox, Glossybox and Ipsy that we would take the plunge and get one. Today is the day that our chosen one (Birchbox) has arrived. I am guessing that I will be taking care of the blogging side of things, and my daughter and I will be doing videos to go with when we open our boxes.

I have seen lots of vids where people aren't happy with what they have got, so I am going into this with a totally open mind. I am a complete novice with regards to makeup and the suchlike at the age of 39, so my daughter is going to help me get myself looking like a human being.

My beauty regime so far consists of Pond's Cold Cream as a cleanser, French rose water as a toner and Avon's 40+ Anew moisturiser. Yep - I am that advanced!

As for having a shower, it is Avon shower gel and yep, you guessed it, Avon shampoo and conditioner. F thinks I should experiment a bit more as I don't wear any makeup, and I don't dye my hair either. I think this is going to change very soon. I use E45 cream as a body moisturiser with a little essential oil mixed in for fragrance (currently bergamot oil).

I couldn't even tell you what F's routine it - she has that much stuff it is unreal. No amount of coercion will get me to wear makeup on a daily basis or throw tons of stuff on my face and body, but I definitely need to branch out now that things are starting to get wrinkly.

I was all proud when I found Birchbox and signed up both myself and F for it. Should have known she already knew about it! What she doesn't know is that I have signed myself up for Glossybox to see what it is like. If it is any good - she is getting one too. There are loads out there to try, but as I am a beginner, I shall start right there - at the beginning.

We have a YouTube channel and will be uploading our unboxing video soon - the little pink box is sitting there taunting me like you wouldn't believe! Well, brown box as I couldn't resist a peek, but you know what I mean - I have promised my daughter I won't post a picture yet. 


So, if you want a laugh and watch an old fart being told what to do by her daughter with regards to the beauty department - please keep your eye out for us - videos will soon be coming (apparently I have to shame myself by showing my current regime too - yep, I am going to open myself up for constructive criticism too!)

We would love to hear what everyone who got a Birchbox this month thought of theirs, ours are going to be opened later on today so you won't be spoiling it if you let us know.


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