Monday, 29 July 2013

I am going to name and shame (myself) on this one

I had a bit of a blank as to what to blog about today until I looked in my makeup drawer (looking for something else, I hasten to add) and realized just how much stuff I had that was out of date, out of fashion and just plain unused.

So, the nails are getting painted (my hands look terrible in photos as I use a wheelchair and they are a mess) and I am going to have a complete clear out and then go for a wish list (which my husband will NOT be seeing!).

Typing with wet nails isn't as hard as I thought either, I was just glad to find ONE decent base coat and ONE decent colour in there - thank you GOSH. Think there are going to be some OPI colours on my wish list, and I will link up to one that I have got coming in the post.

So, one dressing table getting a quick tidy and then I am going to out myself at a complete and utter hoarder of completely unnecessary items!

D xoxox 

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