Sunday, 13 October 2013

Quick update..

Just a very quick apology for being AWOL for a while - the epilepsy has/had got the better of me and blogging hasn't really been an option.

I had a lovely birthday last Tuesday when I was spoiled rotten so have lots of gorgeous things to review, so with camera at the ready and the help of my ever patient husband photos will be taken today with the aim of getting some reviews up.

Thank you SO much for everyone that has stayed with me

Fi xoxox

You can also see, I have hopped on Paint the UK Pink's self imposed spending ban - give the banner a click to see what it is all about. I still have lots of things I haven't got round to reviewing, but with Christmas coming up she came along at *just* the right time to save me! 


  1. I am doing this to just followed your blog via GFC and bloglovin

    my links are pretty pollys blog

    pretty pollys blog bloglovin

    1. Thank you so much - I think I beat you to it with the follow yesterday - my brain was working back to front! Here starts the spending ban, and a much needed one at that too!

      Fi x

  2. Sorry to hear you're struggling at the mo, Fi. Thinking of you. I clicked on the much needed spending ban link but it said it has been removed? Take care, Natasha x

  3. Hope you feel better soon my dear xxxxx